Offering Professional Private Investigations and Process Service



 We've worked with MPI several times in the past and they have always delivered!  The staff is always professional and they live up to their reputation.  MPI is the only PI we'll use now. 

SK. 5/2019


 The service received from Maryland Private Investigations, LLC was absolutely TOP NOTCH!!!!!!  

The initial call to the end report was professionally handled. The communication and understanding provided was ideal for the scenario which was being investigated. The MPI investigator demonstrated their expertise in the situation and a sympathetic concern for me as the client.  I would highly recommend MPI for any of your investigation needs. You won't regret the decision by hiring the best for your case.   N.R. 7/2019


 I don't want to go into details on how they helped me however they are the best. I cannot tell you in enough words on how much they were able to help me.

J.S.   8/2019


 We have been highly satisfied with MPI and would recommend them to anyone in need of investigative assistance or process service. 



 Thank you for your great service, appreciate everything! 

GF 11/2018

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